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When you are suffering from a sudden foot pain or injury, chronic illness such as Diabetes or when you simply require general Podiatric attention without waiting for an appointment, we are the service that you need. Our professional team of Health Care Professional Council  (HCPC) registered Podiatrist's are equipped to handle a comprehensive range of urgent and chronic foot and lower limb conditions and injuries, routine illnesses, and general podiatric services. 

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide!

Complete Medical Foot Care

Medical Pedicure: (not to be confused with simple nail painting!)

​​For both Men and Women 

Unlike a nail bar we provide a professional and sterile thorough overhaul, addressing all aspects of foot health. Includes treatment of corns, calluses, cracked heels, normal and problematic /pathological toenails (i.e. chauxic, ingrowing, fungal) and traditional verrucae treatments, finished off with skin polish and deep moisturising treatment and an amazing 10 minutes stress relieving foot and lower leg massage using a blend of essential oils. A true foot magic! 

Verrucae Treatments

Verrucae Dry Needling ​: 

Tired of the ‘traditional’ methods of getting rid of the stubborn verrucae? Dry needling has shown great results and is very popular in Australia and US. Procedure is performed under local anaesthetic for the optimal comfort.


Specialist advice and treatments of wounds including post surgical redressings as well as complex diabetic / neuropathic ulcers maintainance.

Advanced Nail surgery

Advanced Nail Surgery: 

(for in-growing or damaged nails) ​get permanent results! Procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, can remove part or the entire nail. 

We use numbing cream prior to anaesthetic application for the optimum comfort. It takes between 2-4 weeks for a complete heeling to occur. No more pain, no more antibiotics! 

Diabetic Foot Screen

Diabetic Review :

Detailed neuro-vascular and dermatological assessment of the foot and education on diabetic foot health to prevent complications such as ulcers or even amputations.

Low risk diabetics should have their diabetic check up at least every 6 months. If you already have complications such as numbness or reduced circulation and bony prominence's that rub in your shoes on your feet - you should have them checked every 3 months.

Not Sure what's wrong? 

General appointment:

Single Problem Foot Care

Best for a one small issue or if you need a general check up or not sure what is causing pain or discomfort? Book our routine check up and get a specialist advise and treatment to maintain your foot health. 

This includes treatment of simple nails or corn or a traditional verrucae treatment. 

Biomechanics/ Orthotics

Lower Limb assessment:

Do you have painful or overworked feet?  Get a professional advice, exercises and orthotics for: flat feet, pain under the ball of the foot, arch pain, heel pain, knee or hip pain, patella tracking syndrome, sprained ankles, bunions, Morton's Neuroma, bursitis, cubiod syndrome, Achilles Tendinopathy, Tibialis Posterior dysfunction, leg length discrepancy, arthritis, chronic foot pain management and many more​. We assess your gait and together decide on the treatment plan tailor-made to your needs. 

We can also provide a referral to the best Foot Surgeons in town.

Sports Injuries

Do you lead an active life or play sports as a hobby?  Your feet ad legs are at risk of repetitive trauma due to the flat hard surfaces we put our bodies through. Feet are the base of our skeleton, have them checked to prevent sudden injuries or chronic pain. Book a biomechanics assessment today!

Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

Direct referral to London Imaging Centre for highest quality X-ray, US-Scan and MRI services available seven days a week including the same day with specialist reporting within one working day and instant online access to images. We also have close links witht the The Doctors Lab (TDL) London for speedy results on microbiology cultures, Fungal nails and wound swabs. 

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