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Mr Neel Maru
BScHons MChS,  HCPC Reg CH32452

Since Graduating from the University of Plymouth Mr Maru has since gained experience in various community and hospital specialties before becoming a Specialist Podiatrist.  He has well-rounded clinical knowledge in Nail Surgery, Emergency Podiatric Care and Diabetic Woundcare. Apart from private work, Mr Maru works as a NHS Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist in a busy Inner London Trust. 


He is a self pro-claimed Foodaholic and loves to try out new Cuisines/Restaurants. In his spare time he enjoys listening to Classical music and Bollywood Dancing he also Belongs to a Local Bhangra Community. He is fluent in Hindi, Gujarati and Punjabi. 

Miss Joanna Adamiec 
BScHons MChS, HCPC Reg CH31923
Joanna graduated in 2010 from University of East London (Formerly London Foot Hospital). Having a keen interest in Biomechanics led to Joanna to become a Musculoskeletal Specialist. She had worked with the NHS Central London MSK / Biomechanics clinics and hospitals and has a vast area of clinical knowledge. She is an expert in assessing, diagnosing and treating variety of foot and lower limb conditions (both congenital and acquired); from acute joint and soft tissue injuries, including sports injuries, to chronic trauma and rheumatic / arthritic foot joints deformities; and prescribes variety of foot orthoses.
 She is a fully qualified Podiatrist and can provide all Foot Care treatments; being certified in local anaesthesia Joanna performs Nail Surgeries and High Risk foot treatments, including Diabetic/Neuropathic assessments and care.
Joanna has recently began her specialisation in Foot and Ankle Surgery. She is also a certified life coach and speaks fluent Polish and basic Russian, French and Spanish.

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